Friday, February 27, 2015

Saturday cozy time!

Hello friends!

First off: Got news that I am going to Jaipur, India for 2 weeks for work. 
So happy about this! Will be able to see, visit and eat a lot of new things! And buy a lot of fun stuff to take with me home!

And also a small fast update from this past weekend:

Made pumpkin Oreo ice cream!
Ingredients for about 2 people:
2 egg yokes
2 egg whites
1 dl Powdered sugar
1,5 dl whipping cream.

1: Whip the egg yokes with the powdered sugar until stiff
2: Whip egg whites and cream separately until stiff
3: Mix egg whites into yokes
4: Add whipped cream
5: Add flavor or bits of anything you find tasty..
6: Put into freezer and mix every now and then until ice cream starts stiffening, then leave it to settle completely... (Maybe 5-6 hours? maybe...)

Ice cream batch with crushed Pumpkin Oreos in it!
Very very tasty!

Served with:
Hot chocolate with Kahlua and marshmallows
Pumpkin Oreos
Reeses peanut butter sauce
Pumpkin spice M&Ms
and Red wine..

The ice cream was a great hit and the pumpkin oreos are probably on of the tastiest candies I have ever eaten...

Will def reuse this ice cream recipe and add other flavors and things in it...
A tip is though to take it out and whisk around a bit every 20-30 minutes while it is setting so all the "bits" don't sink to the bottom like mine did :(

//Stay full my friends!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Red Velvet valentines day pancakes!

Hello lovebirds!

So as some might know or care about valentines day was on Saturday. Some hate this holiday, some love it. I kinda love it, you get to make something special and spoil your girl/guy!
I know it's a made up holiday designed by companies to make money, yadda yadda yadda!

I have my dad visiting and staying in our rather small apartment, does not make for a romantic setting and on Saturday we went to Gothenburg to watch hockey and eat some food, which Sara obviously did not participate in (Good for everyone involved!).

But on to the recipe!

Red food coloring
1 cup flour with fiber
½ regular all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cup salt
1 egg
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda

Mix all ingredients so you get a smooth paste.
Then carefully drop in the food coloring a few drops at a time while mixing in between to get the color you desire!
(Red velvet isn't a taste, it's just the color. Like red velvet cup cakes or cake or anything. But it looks nice and the girls go crazy for it)

Then drop in about ½ a cup at a time and fry until bubbles start forming on the top, then flip!

Also do this on pretty low heat so you don't get a burnt surface on the pancakes. Ruins the color I learnt after a few of em!

 Pretty nice and impressive no?
I went for the more pink side of things because of valentines day and I know Sara loves pink :)

//Stay full my friends!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Superbowl Saturday!

Hello my friends!

So we have a tradition me and my friends where we watch the Superbowl, but the week after on Saturday since it's broadcast on Sunday evening, it would mean that we would be going to bed at 6 o'clock in the morning on Monday.

So we try and go the entire week without spoiling the result, and I actually managed this year! I thought I had it spoiled for me, but was wrong! :D

So I volunteered to host it, and a good Superbowl demands a good Superbowl spread!
So I went all out to make my friends drunk and super full of food and snacks!

I will try and keep this in a chronological order.

First get your beer! A Superbowl Saturday party needs American Macro brewed beer!
And 4 guys drink a lot of beer!

Chili time!

Then we need to get our chili on!

Take your beef and trim it and cut into smaller pieces and brown it off in the pan with finely chopped garlic. 1.5 kgs of beef and 1 whole garlic.

Deseed and remove the stem of 1-2 dried ancho chilies and 1 dried chipotle.
Then boil them in water for 15 minutes and then put em through the blender!

Add some water, the beef, blended chili, beer, kumin, koriander, ox broth, 1 chopped and deseeded fresh chili, chili-flakes, some flour and 1 can of lager.
I don't have any exact measurements for this recipe and no exact time, I make it a bit different each time and go a lot on feel.

Anyway, let it simmer for 3-6 hours depending on what texture you want. I also add water continuously through the cook and this time I also added 1 bottle of porter while it was simmering.

After 5 hours my chili looked like this and was ready to be served. All the meat melted and "stringy" damn! So good!

Chili Cheese Dip!

All Superbowl parties needs a hot melty, gooey cheese dip!

So take about 2 tablespoons of butter, melt it and add 1 tablespoon of flour and mix around, then add some milk about 3-4 table spoons and then mix in about 6-7 cheese singles (Only thing available here, I used some hamburger cheese with the text "Ched-up" on em, worked fine).

Mix until melted and then add as many pickled JalapeƱos as you want. I took about 2 tablespoons and the heat and taste was just right!

Add more cheese/flour if you want the mixture thicker or more milk if you want it more runny!

Look att that cheesy ooey gooey loveliness!

I made this about 3-4 hours before the party and then just heated it up on the stove when it was time to eat! Worked perfectly!


For pretzels I used Alton browns recipe:
I made about 50% more though.

Made my lovely pretzels with Saras help, quite fun to make!

Boil them with baking soda, about 10 seconds per side.

Egg wash and sprinkled with salt, should have used more salt though...

After being in the oven, came out crispy on the outside and perfectly moist and soft on the inside!

Ready to serve with my horseradish and dijon mustard dip!

2 tablespoon grated horseradish
1 tablespoon dijon
1 dl creme fraish
1 dl sour cream
1 dash of white wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste.
(Also took some Colemans mustard to get some kick in there)


Used this recipe:

But I added some grated cheese in the batter as well.. because fuck it!

Was really fun and easy finally making and tasting cornbread!
I really liked the flavor and texture and with the chili it was perfect!


Every Superbowl Saturday party needs a before dinner drink in the form of Moonshine.
Tasted the peach one for the first time, really refreshing and not that strong tasting... Dangerous!

 The spread!

First we ate chili and cornbread and then I brought out the snacks!
So we have:
Homemade pretzels,
Store bought Nachos,
Homemade horseradish dip
Homemade chili cheese dip
Homemade cherry jello shots!
And puff pastry filled with nutella and marshmallows...

mmmm we where so stuffed, but everything was gone except the pretzels!

Also saving pretzels make them less hard on the outside and quite stale. They lose their "pretzeliness" but still tasty just not as tasty as fresh!


One friend stayed over... Nutella, peanut butter pancakes anyone?

Making all this took most of my Saturday, maybe 3 hours active time and a total of 6 hours just waiting... But well worth it!

//Stay full my friends!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brie Fondue!

Hello friends!

So this time will be a short post with basically no cooking involved, but a easy cheesy tip that is so tasty I can't help myself!

A whole brie cheese, into the oven at 100 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes, until when you "bump" the cheese you see that it wobbles and is melted all the way through.

Then you take it out carefully!
And cut off the top really gently.

And serve! Perfect as a "dipping bowl"

Serve with fresh cut veggies, pickles, sourdough bread, salami, dates, granny smith apples (goes so well with the cheese).

//Stay full my friends!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dutch oven babies


So I stumbled on a picture of this and the name "Dutch oven babies" that seem quite common in the US, while I've never seen or heard of em here. They looked delicious though even if not that unlike pancakes in their ingredients and ways of cooking.

I used this recipe:

Just added more nutmeg and half of the seeds from a vanilla cane.

This recipe made me 2 dutch oven babies.

Served dusted with sugar and some raspberries.
Also served with maple syrup on the side.

Quite crispy and fluffy and delicious.

I will be making normal pancakes in the future though since these were a bit more of a hassle to make and took longer time, and when you are 2 people and you might want 3-4 of these babies, it becomes a time consuming process... :)

//Stay full my friends!