Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pumpkin Pie!


I've had this in the US a few times and at Sinclairs Steakhouse in Gothenburg... The ones in the US were magical and the on in Gothenburg was OK.

Since then I have been obsessed by Pumpkin pie spice things(And my best friend Jenny feels my pain), and quite sad that it isn't available here except for "normal" pumpkins and making my own pumpkin spice from scratch. 

And this works when making your own stuff with the spice, actually quite well!

But you can't go to Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice coffee here, or pumpkin spice oreos, pumpkin spice ice cream, pie, m&ms and the list goes on and on, Google pumpkin pie spice and you will find a lot of fun stuff, and crazy stuff :)
Pumpkin pie spice and it's flavor is very similar to Swedish soft gingerbread, but not as strong flavored... 

First make a pie crust, with butter, flour and water... And bake it in the oven until done.

The for the filling you will need:
Cream cheese 300grams
Pumpkin puree 425 grams
sugar 1.5-2.5 dl (Depending on how sweet you want it)
eggs 1 whole, and 1 yolk.
whipping cream 2dl
butter 100grams (I think, can't remember)
salt 1 teaspoon
cinnamon 1 tablespoon
ground ginger 1 teaspoon

Mix all this until a smooth paste is formed..

Pour into your pie form, and heat oven to 175 degrees.

Let bake for 45-55 minutes...
And remove when it looks like this.. 
It will "collapse" when it cools down.

Let it cool in the fridge or out in the open, until fully cool.
I put mine in the fridge, and I thought it tasted a lot better when fully cool rather than room temperature...

Serve with whipped cream. 

Yummy yummy!

I've since Saturday when we made a 27 cm large pie, had 5 pieces... oops!

But it's so damn good and quite easy to make, also had friends over that loved it. Not as sweet or heavy as some other pies, but quite smooth and nice!

//Stay full my friends!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Southern Biscuits!

Mmmmm butter!

So I felt luxurious on Saturday morning and decided to try my hand at making biscuits!
5dl flour
1.5 dl filmjölk (Sour milk or curdled milk, kind of)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
110 grams of butter

Mix dry ingredients.
Mix in "filmjölk" 
And dice your butter and mix in, just until the dough comes together, not more!
The "worse" it is, the better it is :)

Flatten it with your hands so it is about 2-3 cm thick and cut out round biscuits with a glass or something.
The dough that is left over you can try and make into one last biscuit that will be a bit wonky... You can see our "special" biscuit to the left hiding.. because he's SPECIAL....

Put into oven at 225 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

While biscuits are in the oven fry some bacon and eggs!
We used turkey bacon and fried some eggs sunny side up.

Pull the biscuits apart, that's how you do it! Don't cut em, ruins the entire feeling!
Butter (if you want it)
Optional: Cheese, any kind! Pref some melty goodness like provolone or Gruyere!

Isn't that lovely?

So pretty, so easy and so healthy while still tasting good... 
Perfect southern american biscuits done right!

//Stay full my friends

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chocolate cake!

Hello food friends!

So I gave Sara a cooking book written by a Swede that had been on a tour in the US, testing cakes, biscuits, bread, cupcakes and so on.

The book contains his favorite recipes and some seem quite delicious!
So this weekend we had to try one, Sara chose Chocolate cake with whipped cream on top..

First made chocolate crust in the oven, and let it cool and the covered it in a thin layer of melted chocolate.

Made chocolate "custard" kind of, and filled the crusts and then into the fridge for 5 hours covered by plastic wrap.

After they came out, quite set and creamy!

Top it off with whipped cream and some dark chocolate shavings.

Really rich dark chocolate taste, not that sweet but quite "heavy". We will definitely be making this again, quite easy, just a long wait.
The custard had set and had a texture reminding you of chocolate mousse, just a bit more creamy.


//Stay full my friends!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meatball Hero Hoagie

Hello fellow reader!

Sooo once again it's sandwich time! This time one of my favorites from the USA, I have never found any that come close to the ones in the US, where you have the rich tomato sauce, big meatballs with fresh herbs in, covered in mozzarella and freshly toasted brioche buns!
mmm so good!
In Sweden we use meatballs for other things or maybe "rödbetsallad" and meatballs, lettuce on a sandwich. It's good but it can't compare!

So first we have the bun, a very important part since you want a fluffy good bun that you can toast that also won't soak up all the juices and become soggy and fall apart. For this I love brioche buns, they are amazing for burgers, subs, hoagies, hot dog buns and so on!
They take some time to make though, I don't have the exact measurements but. It involves, letting dough rise for 2 hours, then pressing the air out, rising for 1 more hour, then forming your buns/hoagies/subs whatever and then rising for another hour and then 20 minutes in the oven after being coated with egg wash! Time consuming, yes but well worth it! Most of the time is waiting anyway, not active work...

The result anyway is this:

Probably the best damn bread I have ever made...

Then we come to making what goes into the bun, tomato sauce:
Canned whole tomatoes
Fresh parsley
Dried oregano,
some sugar,
And some more stuff I can't remember, have the recipe of everything if anyone want em!

400g minced meat 50% pork, 50% beef.
1 egg,
1 dl of grated parmesan
All I can remember :)

Mix the mince and put everything for the sauce into a pan as shown in the picture and let sauce simmer while you brown the meatballs. (Large meatballs, not the puny Swedish kind!)

When meatballs are browned add the sauce to them and let simmer for about 1 hour to really get the flavors combined!

So good!

While that is cooking, you can make.. Tater tots! 2 baked potatoes and 2 cloves of garlic go into the oven at 200 degrees c. Let them stay there for 40 minutes, then take em out and let cool. Grate the potatoes roughly and mix with garlic that should be "mushable" then add some salt, pepper, Parmesan and about 1 tbsp of flour. And mix.

Then form the mixture into this: 

Heat some frying oil anykind to about 180 c for that golden crispy loveliness and add the tater tots a few at a time for about 4 minutes each.

While that is going, heat oven to 200 degrees. Cut your hoagies up and toast them golden in a pan on the stove.
Add meatballs (As little sauce as possible)
And cover in Mozzarella, as shown:

Pop into oven and take em out when cheese has melted like so:
Toast lid of bread while cheese is melting.

hohooo! So good!
Top of with tomato sauce to taste, and put lid on and serve with tator tots and hot sauce!

Sunday luxury meal, was so juicy and good. And such fresh flavors in the actual sauce and meatballs!
Will be making, again and again... My new favorite, but I'm so fickle that I will probably have a new one by the end of the week..

//Stay full my friends!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pulled Pork made right!

Yoyo! Whats cookin' bitches?!

Pulled pork made right, thats what! Smoky loveliness!

First make your own buns:
Mine came out flat but delicious, not so soft and fluffy as I wanted... Did not let em rise enough, I don't have the recipe right now but I can post it if anyone feels they want it!

Then for the pork!
Buy some pork and rub it with whatever spice mix you want, I use a paprika blend with cayenne pepper, paprika, sugar, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, pepper and cumin. Homemade!
After a few hours throw it on the grill at 110 degrees Celsius with a tub underneath filled with water. Indirect heat!
Throw some smoke flakes on there as well and keep adding whenever needed. Don't lift the lid to often though! Letting the smoke and heat disappear.

I used hickory smoke flakes that had been soaked in apple juice.

When the meat reaches about 80 degrees put it in foil somehow, preferably some pan as well to soak the juices...

Let it come to about 90 degrees inside. (Will take time! Entire process until here took about 7-8 hours for me with 4 hours being with smoke)

Remove the liquid but save some of it to douse the meat in.. The goodness!

Look how pretty it is!

Start pulling it apart with two forks!

oooohhh my god! Thats the money shot right there! See the red line just under the "crust"? That's the smoke ring, it's a thing of beauty and tastes even better!

Pulled and ready to serve! 
Can also freeze and microwave as needed

Homemade slaw, pulled pork, bbq sauce. Ready to eat!

Bonus pic: 

This is what your cutting board should look like and your floor when you are done making slaw!

Carrot, red and white cabbage, mayo, Dijon mustard and some apple cider vinegar. And salt and pepper to taste!

No exact measurements, just do what you feel is right!

//Stay full my friends!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Cast Iron Pizza!

Hello everyone!

So I had to try out making pizza with cast iron pans, seen a lot of pictures on this on the web..

First off, the dough! I want mine airy, fluffy and kinda thick. Almost like a pan pizza.
that many recommended. And it was easy to follow and really tasty!

So make dough and let rise 8-24 hours.

Then line the cast iron pans with dough and olive oil underneath and let rise again for about 90 minutes.

Put homemade tomato sauce on there! I make mine with just, finely creased tomatoes, garlic, oregano and salt. To taste.. :)

Put mozzarella, onion, mushrooms or anything else you want on there!

We went for mozz, mushrooms, onion and salami.. mmm good!

If the crust isn't as crispy as you want it after 15-20 minutes in the oven put the pan on the stove for a few minutes. I burnt my first one when doing this though so keep an eye on it!

Money shot!

And the second pizza! 
Came out just as nice but less burnt crust. 

Very easy to make and very tasty! Really recommend this if you have a cast iron pan and like pan pizza style pizzas.

//Stay full my friends!