Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When sick.. Make food!

Hell everyone!

So I was sick during Friday and the weekend and I am still not 100% well but at least I managed to get to work today...
But was super bored during the weekend and when I was home and had no real energy to do stuff so I cooked a bit...

Pumpkin Biscuits!

2 cups flour
2 tbsp baking powder, maybe I should've used baking soda to get more of a rise...
1 tbsp salt
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup unsalted butter, cubed.
1 tsp pumpkin spice.

Put oven to 200 Celsius.
Mix dry ingredients well and mix in butter just, don't overwork it!
Mix in puree, just
Mix in buttermilk just.
Put dough onto a baking tray and flatten it and then with a glass or something round make your biscuits.
Put into oven for 20-25 minutes and let biscuits rest for 5 minutes after and serve with honey, maple syrup, butter, cream cheese or whatever.

Add honey to the pumpkin puree for a sweeter biscuit! :)

Was delicious and the smell was awesome!

Hot Tomato soup

Dice one onion finely and fry it up with 1 tsp crushed garlic and 1 tsp crushed ginger and some oil.
When onion is soft add 1 tbsp cumin and fry for 1 minute.
Then add 1 can whole tomatoes that you have blended in the mixer and about 300 ml of chicken broth.
Add chili powder/Tabasco/hot sauce to taste as well as salt if needed.

Blend in a mixer and serve, perfect when sick! :)


Made Carnitas with Cramby's recipe from his new book "Taco Loco" and both me and Sara agree that it was fucking magical... We ate 1.2 kg in 2 days...
Will definitely be making again, and it was so easy. just takes some time in the oven (3-4 hours).

We also made mango Salsa that complimented the salty meat really well with its sweet fresh flavor, as well as pickled red onion with chilies. I love mexican and I love cooking it and have done a lot of different authentic recipes. But I think this was by far my favorite so far...

I mean look at the colors! mmmmm!

I wont be posting the recipe here, go buy his books instead! They are really really good!


My birthday was a few weeks ago and we made apple pie, nontraditional as cake from Roy Fares book "United States of Cakes".
So won't be posting that recipe either but his book is really good and has a lot of different sweets from the us in it. Even if his writing is a bit bland and recipes are not easily followed at times if you look away from the page.

Best apple pie ever though actually..

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Slovenia! (So laaate)

Ok, hello everyone!

Sorry for being gone but haven't been feeling inspired but here comes a collection of some of the stuff I and Sara ate in Slovenia!

Such a great country for good food, cheap and quality is extreme since most stuff is either locally made or homemade.

Slovenia also has a great food culture and quite unique with a lot of local specialties while they also take inspiration from Italy. For example their ice creams are quite creamy and delicious and towards the "Gelatto" kind of ice cream and their pizzas are all wood oven baked unlike in Sweden where 95% are made in pizza ovens.. Just doesn't give the same taste and the dough just doesn't get the same crust.

Firs stop: Leipzig and a real veal schnitzel with bratkartoffeln.
Small schnitzel but really hit the spot and was well made!

And the next day hearty German breakfast.

and for lunch: knudel, sausage, salted pork, potatoes, gravy and beef.
A real meat lovers plate. Really hearty German food, quite tasty!

Second stop:
Salzburg and Schnitzels! Made from veal of course, and large enough to cover the plate. Served with cold Augustiner Brau beer, best lager in the world!

And then a visit to the actual brewery to get freshly brewed and tapped beer´!

This place was awesome! Tasty beer, beer garden and a lot of kind of street vendors to get different kinds of food from!

And then we arrived in Slovenia where my cousin had made a wonderful cake with fresh Raspberries handpicked from their own garden. Not so sweet cake, just packed of flavour and really large! Quite the welcome after 1900 km in the car!

My family down there has a wonderful garden full of all kinds of things, herbs, fruit, berries, vegetables. Quite self sufficient and that is the mindset down there. You buy a lot of stuff from local farmers or neighbors and you share. It tastes quite fresher as well when made like that and you pick stuff right of the vine before you actually cook/eat them!

Handmade Gnocchi from the local restaurant, I am quite the gnocchi snob, and these were really good for being cooked in a small town restaurant in the middle of nowhere...

And then the ice cream from this place called Cacao... If you EVER go to Slovenia, you gotta visit one of their chops. Really nice prices, wonderful quality ice cream and lots of fun, tasty flavors that change every now and then.. We might have stopped here a few times... Too many some might say, but they are retarded!

Pizza burek!
Filo dough pastry filled with pizza toppings (Cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms)
The greasiest thing you can eat...

Typical breakfast at the cousins house, with homemade jams and freshly baked bread from the local bakery.
And with the best fucking yogurt you can find bought directly from a farm close by... Lucky we cant get yogurt like this at home. No sugar added, just yogurt and flavors. I had Vanilla and Sara had peach!

More cacao ice cream... :D

"Picnic" or what we call bbq. Here fresh homemade Cevapcici!

Cream rezina/Crem snitta

Cream dessert with vanilla pudding and cream on top. Really large and they are quite hit or miss. Either wonderfully tasteful or cheap made and not that tasty. Sara had a really really good one in the start of the vacation down there and then spent some time trying to find others just as good. But every time we got really bad ones unfortunately... :(
These ones were the good ones though!

Lots and lots of markets packed full with fruits, berries, herbs and vegetables. And everything so fresh and cheap. I could spend hours here just walking around buying stuff and then cooking with it!
Stalls for miles and here in BorĂ¥s we have... nothing or maybe 1 stand in the square.

Nearby this market there is another in house market full off, meat, sausages, bread, cakes, cookies, cheeses nuts, dried fruits, spices and anything else you might fancy! Really large and has great selection.

After breakfast Cacao.. Here Sacher Cake flavor!

And then some pictures of the cacaos selection in Ljubljana..

Having dinner in the Piran Square, Cevapcici!

And ice cream for dessert! (Not from Cacao actually!)

Some wood oven baked pizzas... Another difference between ours and theirs is that ours are really quite greasy and you get obnoxiously full and we use "pizza cheese" while here they use Mozzarella and you get full but not like "I want to puke full"... Its a different kind of pizza all together!

And maybe some ice cream from Cacao after?

And again?

We rented a small apartement on the coast with our own balcony so we went to the bakery in the morning and got some fresh stuff for breakfast. Yummy!

Stopped at Trojane on the way "home" to my cousins. They are quite famous for their huuuge donuts (http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g2144276-d2144232-r144250444-Gostinsko_Podjetje_Trojane-Trojane_Upper_Carniola_Region.html)

And as you can see, it really is true. And they are so fluffy and filled with goodness. Also 1 of these badboys cost 2 euros... 2!! gah!

Another bad Crema Rezina.. Poor Sara she kept trying, this one was liked sponge cake with not a lot of flavor..

Crema Rezina at bled was the next test (The region here is famous for their Crema Rezinas and they advertise it everywhere that this is the "original).
We were once again disappointed, and we payed double from what they usually cost, since this is a really touristic spot. But the view over the lake was worth it!

We walked around the lake and then once again had wood oven baked pizzas..

Last day ice creams!
Not cacao but good nonetheless, though a bit large..

Cousin baked some sunflowers!

Packed car on the way home... Beer, wine, candy, sausages, shoes, marmalade's, herbs, spices.. You name it we got it. They sent so much homemade stuff with us. They really spoil us down there.  

Stop in sunny Germany for some snacks on the way!

Schnitzel with bratkartoffeln and pepper sauce in Berlin where we stopped really fast for one night on the way.

Apfel strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream!

We also stopped at Burg/Puttgarden on the way home and filled the rest of the car with liqour, beer and wine!
So here, the loot:

And the food stuffs we got from the family!

And even though Sara didn't know Slovene and most of my family doesn't speak English. They understood each other really good with hand gestures and such. We stayed with them for about 1½ weeks and was taken well care of as usual (SPOILED).
And Sara fell in love with the country and my family, yaaay!

Maybe next year we will go again?! It's a new tradition!

So, stressed long post.

//Stay full my friends!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vacation cooking!

Hello friends!

So first week of vacation is done! This means I have been cooking a bit even though not as much as I usually do since we have been busy.

And tomorrow we are going to Slovenia for 2 weeks by car through Germany and Austria which means I won't blog that much..

But here is a small selection of my cooking the past week!

First up:
Buiscuits with poached eggs and pan fried salami...
Really getting the poaching down!

Second is burgers!

Made with aged english smoaked cheddar and turkey bacon!

And an American Pale Ale from Poppels microbrewery in Gothenburg. delicious and this beer is def one of my favorites for this summer!

Then I tried something new, bbq pineapple that has been soaked in muscovado sugar and rum. Served with ice cream and nutella frappes.

Perfect for a day when its 30+ degrees outside! And the licorice hint from the muscovado sugar really brought a new sensation to the pineapple, recommend it!

Then we went for the "fine stuff". 500g of flank steak or "butchers steak" Just lightly coated with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Mushrooms stuffed with Gorgonzola for me and aged smoked cheddar for Sara

Corn, soaked in water and then bbq/steamed with the leaves still on. Until it starts to char then I remove the leaves and grill them normally until a nice charred color occurs.

Moment of truth! Cutting the beef after having rested for 15 mins under lid. Looking for medium.


Everything served and ready to dig in!

The corn I brushed with mayonnaise and then rolled in shredded manchego cheese and then applied freshly squeezed lime juice. Mexican style!

"Best corn ever" was Sara's comment :)

So last post for a while, probably!

But then lots of pictures of Slovenian/German/Italian food when I get home!

Stay tuned friends!

And stay full and enjoy the weather!