Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vacation cooking!

Hello friends!

So first week of vacation is done! This means I have been cooking a bit even though not as much as I usually do since we have been busy.

And tomorrow we are going to Slovenia for 2 weeks by car through Germany and Austria which means I won't blog that much..

But here is a small selection of my cooking the past week!

First up:
Buiscuits with poached eggs and pan fried salami...
Really getting the poaching down!

Second is burgers!

Made with aged english smoaked cheddar and turkey bacon!

And an American Pale Ale from Poppels microbrewery in Gothenburg. delicious and this beer is def one of my favorites for this summer!

Then I tried something new, bbq pineapple that has been soaked in muscovado sugar and rum. Served with ice cream and nutella frappes.

Perfect for a day when its 30+ degrees outside! And the licorice hint from the muscovado sugar really brought a new sensation to the pineapple, recommend it!

Then we went for the "fine stuff". 500g of flank steak or "butchers steak" Just lightly coated with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Mushrooms stuffed with Gorgonzola for me and aged smoked cheddar for Sara

Corn, soaked in water and then bbq/steamed with the leaves still on. Until it starts to char then I remove the leaves and grill them normally until a nice charred color occurs.

Moment of truth! Cutting the beef after having rested for 15 mins under lid. Looking for medium.


Everything served and ready to dig in!

The corn I brushed with mayonnaise and then rolled in shredded manchego cheese and then applied freshly squeezed lime juice. Mexican style!

"Best corn ever" was Sara's comment :)

So last post for a while, probably!

But then lots of pictures of Slovenian/German/Italian food when I get home!

Stay tuned friends!

And stay full and enjoy the weather!