Sunday, June 28, 2015


Hello friends! Sorry for not posting in a long long time! But bought a house so a lot of time has been spent at moving and working and eating out...

But now I have time to cook again since I have vacation! Next week I'm going to Slovenia though so then I won't post that much again for two weeks.

But we had guests over for Italian food, so 
I made bruschetta for starter, the pizzas on the grill and finished of with tiramisu, forgot to take photos of the pizzas though... Sorry!

I made three though:
Pizza 1: Tomato sauce, cheese and salami
Pizza 2: Tomato sauce, cheese, caramelized onions and minced meat seasoned with Italian herbs.
Pizza 3: Tomato sauce, pesto and mushrooms

Bruschetta was pretty simple, red onion, tomato, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and finished of with some fresh basil.

The Tiramisu was more complex but I followed this recipe:

I had never made Tiramisu before but I love the taste, and this was awesome! I used Rum instead of wine and it was delicious!

//Stay full my friends!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

London, baby!


So I have not posted in a while because I have been away to London and also been packing boxes because next weekend we are moving to our new house!!!

But here is a few photos in random order from London where me and Sara had some amazing times! 


Ranked third best burger place in London, and oh boy was it good!
Perfectly pink cooked juicy meat with really nice bread that didn't get soggy from the juices! I went for the Dead Hippie burger and Sara a cheeseburger!

And for sides we went deep fried! Deep fried pickles and fried onion rings. That were perfectly crispy and delicious!

The money shot!:

Krispy Kreme!

Chocolate frosted and chocolate filled... Perfect after breakfast...

And talking about breakfast...

Full English breakfast... I don't understand the beans but the rest is awesome! Something luxurious about eating war breakfast since its seldom done in Sweden... (Did not touch the beans, just don't see the point...)

Second full English breakfast.. You can see Saras small breakfast top right, she goes crazy for the toast :D

Bangers and Mash

Typical English pub food, sausages, mash and gravy and some onion rings.
Sara went for Pie filled with Mushroom gravy and chicken. Both were delicious! Even though hers was a bit better but I had already tried it. :)

Borough Market!

As a foodie I always visit Borough Market and I am hard to get away from this place... So much fresh produce, amazing street food, beer, cider, sausages, cheese... And anything else you might fancy!

Appetizer, Scotch egg, Sara just had to try em... We see them often in Master Chef, nothing really delicious about them I think, but fun to try! 
For dinner I went with Salted Beef sandwich with melted cheese, mustard, cabbage slaw and pickles.. YUMMY!
Yeah roast that cheese! 

Eat eat eat!

Sara went the Swiss route, melted cheese sandwich! 

mmm Raclette cheese... 

Saras sandwich, deliciously cheesy! 

Dessert we went with Gellato and some semi-sweet cider. It was ok, but I was expecting more. Tastes: Stracciatella and Raspberry


Garlic Naan, wonderful!

And with it, Lamb curry! 

Hyde Park breakfast!

Day after Borough Market we had breakfast in Hyde, we bought some fresh stuff from Borough you see. Raspberries, salami, cheese, bread and cornichons! Perfect weather and really peaceful.

And coffee...

 Camden Market

Camden had so much to choose from in street food but we went for Fish N' Chips to try it, it's never special I think, its fried with fried and tartar sauce. It's not bad, but not spectacular either..
And for seconds we went for falafel wrapp that was really nice but I forgot to take pictures of that.


We visited chocywokydodas shop, everything made from Chocolate! Amazing but super expensive, lucky us though they were handing out tastings when we got there, so we got to try the chocolate and it was amazeballs!


Cupcake from Lolas, raspberry with white chocolate frosting and chocolate cake.. Really delicious, but not enough raspberry flavor :( 

Afternoon Tea at Rubens at the Palace

To end our trip we had booked Afternoon Tea just behind Buckingham at a lavish hotel called Rubens at the Palace. 
We had never been to afternoon tea but we had heard it was something special so our expectations were high, and we were not let down! We got a long list of teas to choose from, really nice service from the staff and a big tower of pastries, scones, sweets and sandwiches.
And the best places in the house! A sofa to sit in and a cute table in front of us and directly in front we had a large panorama window facing the street and the back of Buckingham, what more can we ask for?!

The sandwiches were tasty and I am to tired to write out what they were, but our favorite was the one with Salmon in it.

The scones were ok, nothing special but the Strawberry preserve you got with it was probably the best jam/preserve I have ever had. Really tasting of fresh strawberries and not that sweet!

And the pastries/desserts where lavish and quite tastefull.
Our favorite here was the small tarts with fresh fruits on top while the small glasses at the top fell short, was suppose to be rhubarb and cream but tasted nothing of Rhubarb the rest were really tasty and when we left we were really really full!

Quite an experience but nothing I will be doing again unless we are in London for some special celebration, since it felt quite extravagant and was very relaxing and quite fun trying all the dainty small nibbles... Felt very posh! :P

So this was a small summary from what we ate during our trip.. Sorry for so much text!
Will probably not have time to post any more stuff next coming weeks since everything is packed we will be living on salads and fast food.. My BBQ is in pieces in storage!! DAMNIT!

Now, back to packing boxes!

//Stay full my friends